McAfee WebAdvisor

McAfee web advisor is one of the remarkable tools offered by McAfee. It serves as your trusted companion that provides you with complete protection against digital threats while you browse the internet safely. In addition to this, it also protects against malware and phishing attacks without impacting your browsing experience. It comes with a number of advanced features like Misclick protection, typo protection and ensures safer downloads. It is award-winning internet security software that blocks malicious and suspicious sites when users accidentally click on them. 

Moreover, it scans your downloaded files and notifies you whenever any risk is found. McAfee advisor also runs regular security checkups in order to make sure that your devices do not have any dangerous components. In addition to this, it also takes care of your security while you browse the internet by helping you create strong passwords. Hence, you must download the software on your PC to experience complete digital safety. Therefore, in this blog, we have provided a quick and easy McAfee download and installation procedure.

Steps to download McAfee WebAdvisor

Here are the easy steps to download the WebAdvisor on your PC:-

  • First of all, you must open the latest version of your preferred internet browser.
  • After this, you should go to its search bar and type “” and press the “Enter” key. 
  • Now, the official McAfee WebAdvisor website will open on your screen. 
  • After this, you should click on the “Free Download” button given at the top of the page. 
  • Now, the software will start downloading on your system. 
  • Note: all users are suggested to wait until the file gets downloaded on their systems. 
  • Once the “.exe” file gets downloaded, you can proceed with the installation procedure given in the section of this blog. 

Steps to install McAfee WebAdvisor

After downloading the installer file, you must install it on your system in order to avail its benefits. Therefore, in this section of the blog, we have provided easy steps to install the software:-

  • First of all, you must locate the downloaded file on your system. 
  • After this, the “UAC” will display on the screen. 
  • You must click on the “Yes” option in order to allow the program to make changes in your system. 
  • Now, the installation procedure will start. 
  • Then, a “Thank you” message will display on the screen. 
  • After this, the “License agreement and Privacy policy” window will appear at the bottom left corner of your screen. 
  • You must click on the provided link and go through the document. 
  • After reading the terms and conditions carefully, you should click on the “Agree” button. 
  • Now, in the next window, you should hit the “Install” button. 
  • Then, the McAfee WebAdvisor installation procedure will begin. 
  • In the end, you must wait until the procedure completes.


In this blog, we provided the necessary information required to download and install the free McAfee WebAdvisor on your device. McAfee also offers various other subscription plans that you can purchase and then activate via  

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